Troubleshooting Tips

Personal Firewalls:

Many times, adding a site as a Trusted Site will get you in to that site. Unfortunately, this functionality is going away for many browsers.  However if you are on an older version of a browser, you can try adding the the server name as a trusted site; example or

Sometimes personal firewalls will block referring URLs, thereby blocking access to the site. Check to see if your personal firewall is blocking referring URLs:

  • Click on the test link in EBSCOhost's FAQ to see if your firewall is blocking referring URLs.
  • If it is, see instructions on this same FAQ page to enable referring URL for various personal firewall products. For all other personal firewall software, please check the company's web site or contact their technical support.

Corporate Firewalls

Many times, your company's firewall prevents access to outside resources, including Horn Library's.

Ask your company’s IT network administrator if they can open up TCP ports 2048-2748 for incoming traffic.

If Problems Persist...

If none of the information in this guide helps to resolve the problem, please contact the Library:

Please be sure to include the following information:

  • Name of resource
  • Browser being used
  • Specific error messages seen
  • Enrollment status (undergraduate, graduate, Blended Learning, or alumni)
  • Your location (on-campus, off-campus, home, work, etc.)
  • Can you access other library databases?
  • Did you access the link from the library website, Babson portal, BlackBoard, other?
  • Device used (PC, laptop, or mobile device)
  • Specific steps taken, if any