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Keyword kw: coffee or tea and house+
[keyword searches geographic codes, map data, and the Extended Title, Notes, and Subject indexes]
Author au: leo 'le' bon
[put single quotes around words that are treated as operators]
Author Phrase au= saint-arroman auguste
Corporate Name co: double five
Descriptor de: voice disorders
Descriptor Phrase de= voice disorders in children
Geographic Coverage Phrase gc= capetown
ISBN nb: 3196311821
[omit hyphens]
ISSN sn: 0000-0019
[use hyphens]
Material Type mt: vhs
Publisher pb: mcgraw-hill
Publisher Location pl: china
Series Title se: emb report
Subject su: coffee and tea house+
Subject Phrase su= coffeehouses in art
Title ti: music w3 british w3 enlightenment
Title Phrase ti= music theory in the british isles during the enlightenment
Uniform title ut: bible