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arching ScienceDirect

The Expert Search Form is available from the Search tab on the Navigation bar.

Searching ScienceDirect

From the Expert search form, you can use Boolean syntax to search all documents, journals, or books.  The Expert search form is designed for expert users who would like to create more complicated searches.

Use Expert Search:

  • To build complex searches using Boolean syntax (AND, OR, AND NOT), proximity operators (PRE/nn, W/nn), and wildcards (?, *). 

  • To search multiple fields in one query

  • To prioritize your search terms: Search Tips for Prioritizing Search Terms (Expert Search)

    Order of Precedence

    1. OR
    2. W/n | PRE/n
    3. AND
    4. AND NOT


  • To limit your search by date, type, or subject

Searching ScienceDirect

Expert Search Forms and Searchable Content

Search Form/Content Type Journals Books Book Series Handbooks Reference Works
All Sources Search X X X X X
Journals Search X
Books Search X X X
Reference Works Search X