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Use the "Print" and "Email" icons at the top of each article to save and print images and articles.

Basic Search Tips

You can search all the available reference sources included in your subscription, or restrict your search to one or more specific sources (e.g. Grove Art Online only).

To find information on a specific artist (e.g. Renoir), topic (e.g. Aboriginal Australia), or image (e.g. Sunflowers) across all the available source titles:

  1. On any page, type or paste the item you want to find in the Search Box in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Click Search or press Enter. The list of matching images is displayed on the Search Results page
  3. You can also search directly from the All Content, Biographies, Subject Entries, and Images pages. Type your search item into the Search content box and choose your source(s) from the list, before clicking Search.

You can also restrict your search to images only: type your keyword into the Search for Images Only box.

Note: Search terms do not need to be case specific or contain foreign characters; however the Dictionary does use British spelling.

Advanced Search Tips


Use The Dictionary offers three search modes in the Article Search and Full Text Search:

  • Concept Search matches synonymous words or words relating in meaning or form. For example a search for the word state will bring up province, country, and land.
  • Pattern Search looks for alternative spellings.
  • Boolean Search searches exact matches and allows for Boolean operators.

Boolean searching, truncation, wildcards, and proximity limiters to enhance your search.

AND entrepreneur and team Returns articles that contain BOTH words.
OR entrepreneur or intrapreneur Returns articles that contain EITHER word.
( ) (entrepreneur or intrapreneur) and interviews Grouped searching. Returns articles that contain EITHER word in parenthesis AND the word interviews.
* entrepreneur* Returns articles that contain the root "entrepreneur" on its own and any variations: entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial, etc.
? wom?n Variants of the one letter versus an entire ending as with the asterisk. Wom?n would return articles with "women" or "woman" or "womyn".
Proximity - Words in same order
wX market x2 share Returns articles where the words market and share are no more than 2 words apart and in that order.
Proximity - Words in any order
nX market n2 share Returns articles where the words market and share are no more than 2 words apart in any order. (market share or share of the market)