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Factiva offers 30+ content codes.
Add the prefix ns= to a 4-digit code, including it with your search terms. 
Examples follow: (if you try these, set the Date drop-down to All Dates.)

ANALYSIS                        ns=nanl and Ukraine

CHRONOLOGY                ns=nchr and Thatcher

COMMENTARIES            ns=nedc and "lower* the drinking age"

COUNTRY PROFILES     ns=ncopro and hd=Sweden

Economic Forecasts         ns=npred and "global warming"

EDITORIALS                     ns=nedi and "retirement age"

INTERVIEWS                    ns=nitv and "Bill Gates"

People Profiles                  ns=npeo and "Meryl Streep"

RANKINGS                        ns=nran and "cloud computing"

REVIEWS                          ns=nrvw and hd=Michael Buble

SURVEYS/POLLS             ns=nsur and atleast3(oatmeal)

TABLES                             ns=ntab and hogs

TRANSCRIIPTS                ns=ntra and hd=Jeff Bezos         

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hd=find words in the headline/title
      Example: hd=microsoft announces earnings
hlp=find words in headline and/or lead paragraph
sn=source name
      Example: sn=wall street journal