Searches for the New User

To browse a few key news and business publications...

Navigation: News Pages (top menu bar) Factiva Pages

Search example: mobile wallet

Click on the More dropdown arrow to see your search parameter

To find longer, more indepth articles...

Example: atleast30(bitcoin)

You are asking that the word BITCOIN appear at least 30 times in the articles you retrieve.

Note: This is a high number! 
When searching topics that are not trendy or popular, you may want to experiment and begin with a lower number.

To find articles on a smaller or privately-held company...

Example: Rue La La

To expand your selection,
change the Date drop-down from 3 months (default setting) to 6 months,
and re-execute your search.

To encourage a higher degree of relevancy between your two search terms,
reduce the number of intervening words by using the NEARX feature.

Example: food crime near10 fraud

You are asking that no more than 10 words separate food crime from fraud,
and either search word(s) may come first.

To expand the timeframe, set the Date drop-down to a longer time period.

Note: If there is a lot of information on your topic, shorten the distance between two search word(s) by using 5 instead of 10.