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Use the Quick Search to find books - enter keywords and choose from the drop down selections.

When you find a book you'd like to view, click on the title.

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If available, click on the Read Online button to view the e-book or browse the table of contents, email the link to yourself, create a citation, or save the e-book to your collection.

Detailed ebook view in EBL

While in EBL reader, browse the table of contents, search within the text for certain keywords, or take notes as you read

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Browse e-books by category:

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Categories in EBL

EBL searches for your terms in the full text of each e-book in the collection:

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Search by keyword, title, author, date published, file format, etc.

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EBL publishers allow:

  • Printing of 20% of the book or
  • Copy/paste up to 5% of a book

Use the print and copy icons: 


To Print:

Printing in EBL

To Copy:


The Summary on the Print Pages screen will tell you how many pages you are able to print from each e-book:

Printing balance in EBL