Company Dossier - LexisNexis

Basic Search Tips

  • On the first screen click on Find a Company, Create a Company List or Compare Companies on the top, red menu bar.
  • To Create Company List fill in your search criteria including NAICS codes, Financials and Geography.
    • If you don't know the NAICS code you can look it up.
    • The Geography and Financials sections need to be expanded in order to choose criteria.
  • When you have completed the Search Form click Create to view a list of companies that meet your criteria.
  • You may then Edit your search, begin a New search or Customize your list.
  • To customize your list choose the attributes that you want included in your company list by clicking in the adjacent boxes and then click Update Company List.
  • To Compare Companies you may enter up to 5 names/ticker symbols of publicly traded companies.