Strategic Problem Solving

To support the company strategy research component of of STR3000

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Quick Start

It is ABSOLUTELY important to perform due diligence research on your focus company to know their internal perspective, the industry perspective of their position and an expert perspective on their performance (such as from an investment analyst report).  Use the links to the resources below to do that level of research.

COMPANY INVESTOR RELATIONS WEBSITE  - be sure to find and naviage to the IR section of a public company site which will provide company investor presentations, all filing documents and informative teleconferences/transcripts with analyst questioning of company management.

Finding Company Information

Company Website - will often list top executives. Look for sections related to "Leadership" or "Corporate Governance"

Any of these sources allows you to specify dates for your news scan.

POWERSEARCH  will search many of the library article databases for news and more, use the Publication Date slide bar to adjust your date search parameter.

  • Company Websites - Company web sites can sometimes provide a good overview of how the company operates. Type your company name into Google to locate the correct company homepage.

Find Earnings Conference Call Transcripts:

In Nexis Uni

  1. In the Guided Search box, under "What Are You Interested In?" Click A Publication.
  2. Under Find Publication, type in the search box "FD (Fair Disclosure) Wire." That publication will appear in blue below the search box. Select it.
  3. Under "Search For Something Specific?," put in the company name or keyword you're looking for.
  4. Click Search to initiate the search.
  5. On the search results screen, you can change the way results sort.
  6. On the left-hand pane, you can narrow the results by date, people, etc.

On Seeking Alpha - use the “Search Transcripts” search box in the upper right hand corner of the page