Edward Elgar Business & Management Ebook Collection

Basic Search Tips

Quick Search

A quick search box is available at the top right of every page. A search returns a list of book titles and journals as well as chapters and articles in order of relevance. A Quick Search will search across all content including Titles, Abstracts, Key Words, and Full Text.

Users may then use filters to search within the results, refine their search further, or select just the content they have full text access to.

Advanced Search Tips

Creating Advanced Searches

The Advanced Search page can be used to build more complex searches and to search specific fields (eg. Title or Author). In addition users can use Boolean operators in both the Advanced and Quick Searches

  • Search allows use of Boolean operators (AND/OR/NOT)
  • By default a search on a string of words will return results containing the individual words, eg. environmental economics is the same as environmental AND economics
  • To search for an exact phrase use ("), eg. "environmental economics" returns only results with these two words together in this order - an exact text match of the phrase
  • Use (*) as a wild card. eg. econom* will return searches containing economic, economics, economy, economist etc; colo*r will return searches containing colour as well as color
  • Basic algorithmic stemming is used to disregard some word endings, eg. a search for city will automatically include cities

Users may then use filters to refine the search further.

Printing, Citing, Sharing

Use the links on book, journal, chapter and article pages to print, cite, share and email links to content: