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Horn Library Services - Summer 2021

On Campus and Remote Resources for Students, Faculty and Staff

Library Help & Support for Faculty

The library staff is here to offer help and support for teaching online. Talk to us about::Keep Calm and Ask a Librarian

  • Finding online materials to replace print reserves
  • Locating additional online educational content – articles, eBooksstreaming videos, and more
  • Providing virtual research/information literacy instruction (live or recorded)
  • Addressing copyright questions: Can scanned PDF copies of material be uploaded to Canvas under the change in circumstances?
  • Online research consultations for you, through your Library Liaisons, and your students, who can book virtual appointments.





Division Librarian
Accounting & Law Daryl Bullis History & Society Daryl Bullis
Arts & Humanities Daryl Bullis Management Samantha Porter
Economics Patricia Berens Marketing Samantha Porter
Entrepreneurship Samantha Porter Math & Science Daryl Bullis
Finance Patricia Berens OIM Samantha Porter

Library Link in Canvas

All Canvas courses now include a link to Library Resources in the main menu.  Students, on campus and remote learners, can now find library resources, contact and make an appointment with a librarian directly through Canvas.  If you would like to customize the content of this link for any of your courses, contact your Library Liaison.

Add a Librarian to Your Course in Canvas

To make it easier for students, whether on campus or remote, to connect with a librarian, for research support, you can add a Librarian into your Canvas course.  Just a few simple steps:

  • While in your Canvas course, select "People" from the left side menu
  • Click the green "+ People" button on the right
  • In the pop up box, enter the complete Babson email address of your Liaison Librarian
  • in the "Role" drop down menu, select "Library Liaison"
  • Click on "Next"
  • Finally, click on "Add Users"

What can your Library Liaison do for your class in Canvas?

  • Participate in your classroom as a guest speaker in person or online during your class.
  • Host a discussion board dedicated to questions related to research and library resources
  • Upload helpful research tips, tutorials and guides
  • Add a workshop to your course calendar (e.g., a citation management workshop specifically designed for your students).
  • Provide useful searching tips and appropriate research tools for an assignment or paper.
  • Meet virtually with students individually or in groups.

Please note: Librarians have limited access to editing the Canvas site, and cannot see grades.  Librarians consult with the instructor before adding any content to the Canvas course. 

If you have any questions about adding a librarian to your course, please contact your Library Liaison.

Linking to Online Content through Canvas

It’s best to look for a permalink option instead of pulling the URL from the address bar of your browser. This can look different in each database.

  • For general linking guidelines, see our Canvas Help guide.
  • For help using a specific database, click on the more information on a database icon next to the database link on the A-Z Database List for instructions
  • Any other questions can be directed to your Library Liaison (see above) or to


Course Reserves

Putting physical books on Course Reserve will continue to be an option, but availability will be severely limited. A student who borrows a course reserve item will be able to keep it until the library closes that day. Once returned, however, the next student must wait to borrow the same item until four days later. This change is due to the fact that studies have found that the COVID-19 virus can remain active on stored books for up to 96 hours

Consider alternatives to print course reserves, including course packs, eBooks, and OER materials. Finding alternatives will also support those students who may be taking your class remotely. If you would like assistance finding alternative materials, please reach out to your Library Liaison.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Looking for online teaching and learning materials freely available on the Internet and from Horn Library?  Check out Course Materials: How to Control Costs: Why look for alternatives to traditional course materials.   Learn about free and low cost online course materials.  Contact your Library Liaison to learn more.