Liberal Arts -- Art Research Guide

For scholars of art

Suggested research strategy

Get the complete story. Seek as many of these as possible:

  • Overview of the subject
    • Compile a chronology. 
      • Use biographies. 
      • Use Art History Survey Books
    • Chronologies contain salient points such as
      • did your subject rise in stature? when?
      • Birth, death, education?
      • Family ties, milestones, major works?
      • Prizes garnered by your subject. 
  • Dictionaries/Encyclopedias
    • biographies
    • Major works
    • Movements your artist belongs to
  • WWW at large
    • Websites devoted to your subject
    • Museums which have featured your subject
    • Provenance of major works by the artist  
  • Compile a bibliography
    • Literature review.  What's been written about your subject? 
    • Print sources
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Visual materials
    • Catalogues of any museum exhibitions
    • Oeuvre catalog by archivists or scholars of your subject

  Adapted from Lois Swan Jones, Art Information and the Internet: How to Find It, How to Use It .  Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press. 1999.


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Horn Library Book Collections

Browsing through the print art collection is both informative and rewarding. Our art books are on the third floor. Check the following call number ranges:

N     Visual Arts
NA   Architecture
NB   Sculpture
NC   Drawing. Design. Illustration
ND   Painting
NE   Print Media
NK   Decorative Arts
NX   Arts in General

E-Resources -- Art

Use the following resources to find background information and scholarly articles. Try searching by artist, title of a work, or art genre/movement.