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Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE) Library Resources Guide

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Saskia Kusnecov
Subjects: Management, Marketing

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Company Information including:

  • Analyst reports
  • Stock prices
  • Financial information including annual reports, quarterly reports and associated presentations & transcripts
  • Company history & overview
  • Competitors
  • Company's vision & mission
  • Management team, board members
  • Products and/or services 
  • News articles 

Industry Information including:

  • Industry reports & overviews
  • Trends
  • Key Players
  • Current news
  • Ratios & comparables

Market Research including:

  • Market overviews
  • Market size
  • Consumer data
  • Demographic data
  • Economic data

Competitive Environment including:

  • Making company lists to find competitors
  • Market share & competitive landscape